I have set up this blog to document what I think will be a fun and exciting time in our lives.
I named this blog to reflect what will be our "NEW HOME" and life in a great new city.
In August,We will be moving into a loft in the area of Philadelphia called Old City.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Home Sweet HOMES!!

So it's been a little over a week.
We packed up the truck...

(in truck on way)

Minus the one eye;-(
However, she is doing great!
Back to her old self!

The Pilot and Baby at the controls

The Co-Pilot
Fine job co-piloting
I was told!!
(not a missed turn nor exit)

Next Day

In our temp furnished digs until Aug 1st.
Unpacked a few boxes that we need for the next two months...
Or should I say, That "I" need for the next two months, lol!!
Girls gotta have her shoes;-)

All is great in Philadelphia!

Found Xuxa a great new vet...
(took xuxa for suture removal of her eye, they did not even charge me, shocked to say the least)
Everyone is so nice!

Found a Cute Local Salon for Moi
Lauren cut my hair into a short bob last week, going for hi lights on friday.
Pic coming soon!

Found a workout spot that will be less than half a block from our Loft in August.

No excuses, time to get in tip top shape.


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  1. hope all is going well! I cant stand unpacking, but i do love to decorate a new place. :)))